Protect your family and friends with our safety products

It is said, “Health is Wealth”, In these sad times when Corona virus is hitting most of the cities big and small through out the world, No one can sleep in peace. It is saddening to see many people are losing their jobs, livelihood and most importantly their lives due to Covid-19

In these sad times, Our loved ones are in the most danger. While a vaccine has not been found yet, there are ways that you can protect yourself, and your loved ones.

Most of the ways you already know, like keeping a good hygiene, washing hands, staying at home,etc. But how much longer, is the question we ask to ourselves? The world out there has this hidden virus waiting to trap you and your loved ones and while you can wash your hands on a while and stay at the safety and comfort of your home, but there are your responsibilities and job that you must carry on.

You also not want to leave your loved ones and family alone, but want to go and handle all your responsibilities. So how to protect your self and your loved ones in these hard times ?

We at Price Masters 101 , feel proud to say, that we have a solution for you and your loved ones, High quality and High grade, Reliable Health care products like face masks, sanitizers, personal thermal scanner, that shall surely prove a wall again you and the virus.

We are crazy spending hundreds of dollars on weekends, buying all the latest gadgets, and other fancy things! But what is the use of those stuff, if our loved ones are not safe from the virus and other diseases !

At Price Masters 101, Be assured, we have high a variety of high quality health care products like 

  1. Face Masks including N95
  2. Latex Gloves
  3. Face protection shield
  4. Sanitizers
  5. Blood Pressure Monitors
  6. Thermometers
  7. Thermal Scanners
  8. and Much more

So give the gift of health to yourself, your loved ones, family and friends, and protect yourself from the COVID-19/Coronavirus with our high quality, high grade sanitizers, face masks, thermal scanners and more. 

There are more than 8 Million COVID-19 infections world wide as of mid of June 2020, Plus there are other types of contagious diseases like common cold which can be dangerous too  !

So get a health safety shield today and make a decision for yourself and your loved ones  a gift of safety!